The inspiration for the Toon Jack® Pontoon Boat Storage Block

Toon Jack Pontoon Boat Storage BlockIf you`ve ever been involved with storing a pontoon boat, then you understand the dreaded ritual of first finding something to sit the pontoon boat on so that it doesn`t  rest on the ground while out of the water, and then you have to place what ever you have chosen into position under the pontoon float tubes. More often than not, heavy cumbersome concrete building blocks, and or large blocks of wood are used. Lugging these items around, and storing them when the boat is in the water are all part of that dreaded ritual.

However, those days are over!  Toon Jack makes life easy!

Toon Jacks are a strong, yet light weight storage support fixture designed specifically to support pontoon boats when they are out of water for service, seasonal storage, or on display. Toon Jacks are made from a strong co-polymer plastic that is temperature stable, UV resistant, and won't rot or absorb moisture!

Toon Jacks make life easy for pontoon boat owners, marine storage facilities, and dealers by providing them a safe, easy, and convenient way to store pontoon boats!  Visit our Order Online page to order yours today!